Your Hostess with the Mostess


Carrie Wright, LE

Licensed Esthetician, specializing in Skin Care and Spa Wasted Facials

Trina Physick BA, LMT

Body Balancing Massage Therapist, specializing in medical massage care, manual lymphatic massage, neck and shoulder balancing massage, hip and sciatica therapy, reflexology of the feet and hands, nutritional and detoxification support, sports massage and deep tissue therapy.

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We are two courageous women who are wives of two amazing husbands,  moms to kids we would die for, and passionate care givers who love our professions and have a vision to create a perfect spa for our family, friends, and VIP clients.   Our plan is to make Spa Wasted feel like an escape from life's curve balls, a time out from drama, and a place to recharge your body like you would rebut your computer at home.  This is where you refresh, rewind, and recommit to taking care of yourself so you can take care of others.
Carrie Wright and Trina Physick