Our new location in Seal Beach!

We are loving our new location in Seal Beach.  As we head into December we are finally growing into our new space and making it our own.  Although we still have more growing to do, our new location is becoming a cozy "Spa Wasted" environment that all of our clients are enjoying.  

This Friday is the Seal Beach Christmas Parade on Friday night.  Are you going?  If not, I highly suggest bringing the family with blankets and extra change for hot the chocolate.  It is a fun and festive evening in which your kids will tuck the evening away in their memory box and thank you later for making that part of their childhood experience.  

You might see me there walking around with my 5 month old and handing out flyers.  Debbie will be there too.  We will be handing out 25% off coupons on your next service at Spa Wasted in Seal Beach!  Tell your friends to look for us!  Carrie Wright would be there with us, however she will be in Hawaii!!  Lucky girl!!  If you have not tried one of her facials, you are missing out.  Your first facial with her is only $49!  It is a win win!

Debbie is our new massage therapist and business partner.  She is amazing and very seasoned in the massage and holistic health industry.  She motivates me to be a better massage therapist as she has been doing this much longer than I have!  I recommend checking out her website and see all that she has to offer.  Her and I met around the time I started massaging years ago. Both Carrie and I are proud to have her on board the Spa Wasted Train!  

Happy Holidays to all of you!  Thanks for reading our blog for Spa Wasted!

Be Blessed and Be Healthy,

Trina Physick