A Thankfull Heart

Today is October 25, 2015.  In two weeks we will be in our new spa.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to open Spa Wasted with my good friend, Carrie Wright.  Here is our story on how we came up with the name "Spa Wasted".

Years ago I use to be a fairly new massage therapist at a Massage Envy in Cypress.  I helped open the new Massage Envy and got to be a part of the growth and the new positive reputation.  We were all a good starting team and I am still friends with many of those therapist now.  One of the therapist that was part of that adventure was Carrie.  She came to Massage Envy a couple months after we opened the store.  She was a new Esthetician with no high hopes of being amazing or memorable.  I knew as soon as I met her that she was going to be the best esthetician Massage Envy has ever seen.  She also hated it when I told her my prediction!   As expected, all of this came true and she had more clients that she ever imagined and she loved each and everyone of them like family.  

Carrie had a slogan that I fell in-love with from the first moment I heard it, "Spa Wasted".  It rang a bell in my ear and I reminded her over and over again on how great of a name that was for a business.  As we became close friends, I too used the phrase "Spa Wasted" with my clients as well.  For example:  If a client walks out of their session and they have a hard time remembering what they are suppose to do next, such as pay, make an appointment, write a check, etc; we would call that "spa wasted".

For years I would mention to Carrie, "when are we opening Spa Wasted?!".  But it just wasn't the right time for both of us.  However, I still had faith that we would some day bring "Spa Wasted" to life.

Both Carrie and I are also God loving, Jesus following, loyal members of Sea Coast Grace Church.  Over the past few years, we would always bump into each other at church and see how each other are doing.  Every time we got together, we would just finish off where we left off.  That's when you know you have a very special friend.  These last few months have been tough for me personally, which is a whole other story.  But Carrie came around at the perfect time to be a strong rock to lean on.  Little did we know that God saw an opportunity for both of us to take a leap of faith and open Spa Wasted together.  What had sounded crazy before, suddenly seemed possible.  Before we knew it, we were at the City of Long Beach paying for our official business license under the name of "Spa Wasted".  

We love the location we picked out together.  We are starting out small and going to take baby steps towards becoming bigger.  We are more excited to work together and meet each others clients, than to grow fast and become successful.  Over all we just want to give our clients the "Spa Wasted" experience we both know we capable of providing.  

So what is the Spa Wasted Experience?  It is Simply this:

"Heavenly spa treatments with touch of bliss"

Thank you for reading our first Blog.  Stay tuned for our grand opening blog on how our first day was!!  We open November 7th!